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let the positivity in

Our Put A Spell On Me spiritual kits are hand crafted and hand picked by us. We put together a little bundle of supplies for you and your choice of craft. 

We do custom orders if you are looking for a certain spell and unsure how or what to do, let us do it for you! 


Cleansing body work

Hand Crafted, body safe bath salts with herbs to sooth and calm your mind. Each mixture with a purpose of magick and health benefits. We focus on the herb's beneficial properties both on a spiritual level and the properties to help your body heal. 

hand poured candle magick

Each candle is hand poured and scented with 100% natural essential oils and/or fragrance oils. Our candles are made by us for you to use in your choice of magick craft!

Positively crafted

All of our hand picked and hand crafted items are made with the intent of focused energy to bring forth to your choice of magick. We simply give you the tools you need for your alter and your rituals. We are here to help witches, warlocks, druids, & any magick folk with their crafts, along with learning ourselves on the way. We ourselves are only human and wish to learn and live together through the tools of the world. 





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